4 Things To Consider When Installing A Sleeper Fence

Posted on: 24 August 2015

Sleeper fences are a unique, durable and highly secure way to demarcate your property. They can be used for domestic, commercial and industrial premises. If you are open to having a fence made of sleepers, all that remains is for you to fine tune some final considerations before you put your fence up. Below, find the 4 factors you need to evaluate when considering this type of fencing.


If you want to put up a sleeper fence, you can either use timber sleepers or concrete sleepers. With timber, you can use newly-cut hardwood pieces or old reclaimed sleepers from railways lines. Timber sleepers have the edge of bearing a classic look that adds authenticity to your fence. Alternatively, you can use concrete sleepers. These are commercially produced and have the advantage of being fireproof and stronger (thanks to the rebar).

Aesthetic touches

Once your select what material to use for your sleepers, you then have to consider if you want any decorative additions added to them. With timber sleepers, you can have them engraved or painted to create great visual designs on your fence. However, these designs can only be carried out once the fence is complete. With concrete sleepers, you have the option of acquiring sleepers bearing different colors, e.g. brown, black, charcoal ,etc. Concrete sleepers are also available in different simulative looks such as stone, brick, timber, etc. All you have to do is select the design you want and install it.

Installation techniques

Next, you have to decide the installation method to use for your fence. Sleepers provide you with different options. One, you can use steel H beam posts. These are installed in the ground at intervals and the sleepers then slid in between horizontally. Two, you can install your sleepers vertically by attaching them to the ground using concrete. The first method is semi-permanent and quick while the latter is permanent and takes a bit longer to complete.


Spacing is another option you have when installing a sleeper fence. It basically refers to leaving gaps( a few inches) in between the sleepers. When installing your sleepers vertically, all you have to do is leave a small gap between each unit. When installing the fence using H beams, you can space the sleepers using metallic or wooden spacers, placed in between the blocks. There are several advantages of spacing your sleeper fence. For one, it looks unique. The gaps also allow strong winds to pass through your fence. Thirdly, spacing allows you to use less sleepers overall, saving you on costs.

Once you have deliberated on these considerations, you can go ahead and start putting up your new sleeper fence with the help of a company like Noble Works Australia.