What you need to know about invisible pet fences

Posted on: 14 September 2015

Invisible fences are becoming a more adopted practice in the modern age. With the constant mushrooming of neighbourhoods and growing societies, fence regulations have been created. There are also numerous guidelines that have been placed to limit the freedom of pets. These are some of the few reasons that make getting these fences a necessity. So if you are one of the many trying to know more about them, then read on.

What is an invisible fence?

This is a type of fence that is used to regulate the movement of pets. An underground cable is used to demarcate the boundary, and a collar containing a receiver is attached to the dog's neck. When the dog nears the fence, an electrical corrective signal is sent to the receiver, causing the dog to stay away from the boundary.


The advantages of using such as a system are numerous.

Maintained aesthetic Enjoy the landscape

If you've got yourself that beautiful house at the beach or close to a lake, then you wouldn't want to ruin everything by surrounding the area with a wooden fence. Hidden fences should be your number one option, because they would let you enjoy your beautiful landscape and still keep your pet within bounds.

Less upkeep

Hidden fences don't really need you to be constantly aware of how they look. You won't have to deal with the grass that grows right next to it or think of painting it to renew its glow. These fences are underground, so you won't even have to worry about cutting them accidentally.


Another beauty about these fences is that so long as the technology to dig that terrain exists, then the fence can be implemented. You can use it on any kind of landscape, whether it is hilly, rocky or even below a lake.

Installing a hidden fence

However, before getting the fence ready, you need to have some things in mind especially if you are planning on DIYing it.

Ground prep

You need to be sure that there are no underground wires or pipes before starting your installation. Contact your local utility company and be sure before you start.

Computerized controller

Ensure you leave enough room for this unit, because it's what prevents interference of signals. This keeps your dog safe from any stray signals that may be present in your compound. The computerized control unit is normally placed in a spacious area such as the basement or garage because it consumes a lot of wall space.