Why Is Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Popular In Residential Swimming Pools?

Posted on: 2 November 2015

For many people, swimming is the ultimate relaxation activity. Residential swimming pools therefore provide homeowners and their guests the opportunity to relax without leaving the comfort of their homes.

The use of frameless glass fences around residential swimming pools is a common feature in many modern homes. A homeowner looking to fence his or her pool area would therefore wonder why there is an ever-increasing preference for frameless glass pool fencing. Discussed below are a few reasons why.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Provides An Unobstructed View of the Pool Area

Apart from diving in and out of the pool, there are various other factors that combine to enhance the overall swimming experience. These include the ambience around the pool area and even the kind of company offered by others using the pool.

Frameless glass pool fences are advantageous in the sense that they provide a full view of the residential swimming area with no obstructions. This serves to create great ambience around the pool area.

More importantly however, the unobstructed view helps to make the swimming pool area safer for users. This is because it allows a homeowner to see everything going on in the pool area, thereby reducing the chances of poolside accidents such as drowning.

The Question Of Moisture Damage And Corrosion

Another factor for the increased popularity of frameless glass pool fences is that the glass surfaces of the fence are resistant to corrosion and other effects of exposure to excess moisture and water. In this regard, residential glass pool fences are preferred to other fencing options such as wood and steel. A wooden pool fence will warp and shrink when exposed to excess water or moisture while a steel fence will rust and corrode.

The non-corrosive nature of glass pool fences and their resistance to moisture damage greatly enhance the durability of frameless glass pool fences.

Stress-Free Cleaning And Maintenance

Glass pool fences are very easy to maintain and homeowners love this. Typical maintenance for a frameless glass pool fence involves the use of an anti-static spray and a sponge wipe to clean the glass surfaces. In addition to this, the glass surfaces of the fence are made to be stain resistant. As such, there is less frequent need to clean the fence.

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