How to Get Rid of Termites in Wood Fences

Posted on: 4 April 2016

Termites can be a menace to any homeowner with a wooden fence. The termites can be overwhelming in number and be single-minded when their aim is to attack your beautiful wooden fence. Irrespective of how long you have stayed in your home or plan to stay in your home, there is a chance you will face the threat of termites. That is why it is important to have termite prevention as part of your priorities. Here are some steps you can take to prevent termite destruction in your wooden fence.

Fix All Water Leaks and Eliminate Pooling Water

You need to identify and fix any leakage outside your home that might be near your fence. When you eliminate the source of water for the termites, they might be induced to look for a new place close to a water source to establish their colony. Make sure you seal entry points around your utility lines or water pipes. Divert water away from your fence's foundation, and repair any leaking faucets and water pipes.

You also need to eliminate any pooling or standing water around your home. This could include installing French drains. The drains allow water to seep through the soil faster after a rainstorm so pooling isn't allowed near your fence's foundation.

Termite Baiting

This method involves placing inconspicuous bait stations around the edge of your land. The bait on the stations will easily attract the foraging worker termites. The workers will then feed on the bait. The same worker termites are responsible for supplying all the food for the rest of the termites. That implies that the poisoned bait will be taken to the colony and will be shared with the rest of the termites. The colony will then slowly reduce in size till it cannot survive anymore.

Use a Chemical Termite Barrier or Contact a Pesticide Company

You can also purchase chemical termite barriers from a reliable store that  you trust. Be sure you get the help of a professional to get the right product to eliminate the termites. The chemical barrier will create a treated soil zone around the fencing. The termites that pass through the soil zone will be killed.

Sometimes the termite infestation can be severe and do-it-yourself methods might not be effective enough to get rid of the colony. Hiring a professional will guarantee that the problem will be handled quickly and in an efficient manner.

However, if there's too much termite damage to your fence, consider calling in fence and gate contractors to replace your fencing.