Wood Recommendations You Can Use for Your Home's Gate

Posted on: 9 February 2018

Securing your home starts with the basics. Begin by installing a strong fence around your home and finish it off gates for specific entry points. In order to do this, you need a sturdy material that will reliably restrict unwanted entry while still allowing easy operation and entry for those who are allowed on the property. It should also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. Naturally, wood fits this bill because it is strong and beautiful to the eye. Wood also lasts longer when coated with the right protective elements. This is all you need for a gate. Here are some kinds of wood you can use when fitting a gate in your home: 


Cypress is a top choice for gates because of a chemical component referred to as cypretine. Cypress is an aromatic wood renowned for its consistency in terms of hardness, density, lack of knots and colour. All these qualities make it superior and durable, things you should be looking to add to your home's gate. 


Cedar is another option you should consider when making a gate. It has natural oils that make it resistant to rot. When harvested, the oils in cedar decompose into chemical elements that help the wood stand up against insects and other pests. They also harden it and make it more durable compared to other types of wood that do not have natural oils. 


Redwood has a reputation for making gates with great value. It is moderately hard timber with a brownish heartwood. The heartwood gives a rich wooden feel that can match lots of fence types without additional coloured polish. However, redwood has some downsides when compared to the other types of wood discussed here.

First, the timber is quite expensive to maintain. You need to coat it regularly to keep it in good shape. Ideally, the secret is to use water-repellent coatings every 1 to 2 years. If you are looking for a cheap option, this may not be the right kind of gate for you.


Spruce is another popular choice for wooden gates. It is known for its durability and affordability. This is the reason many manufacturers prefer it for making pre-manufactured gates. However, the only problem is that spruce doesn't do so well in damp climates. The gate may warp over time. You should only go for it if you live in a hot and dry area.