Custom Fencing Solutions that Do Not Compromise on Sustainability or Safety

Posted on: 28 May 2019

A well-installed pool fence not only contributes to the overall appearance of your property but also guarantees safety for your kids and pets without compromising your overall architectural design. If you are looking beyond the standard pool fencing, there is a broad spectrum of custom pool-fencing solutions that will add value to your property by enhancing your exterior landscape. Here are a few out-of-the-box pool fencing options that go beyond your usual aluminium flat top. 

Frameless glass pool fencing for a clean, sleek look 

When it comes to pool fencing, nothing beats the appearance of custom frameless glass. It improves your pool's aesthetics immensely without sacrificing safety. It ticks all the boxes and blends seamlessly into any given pool and backyard, regardless of shape, size or style. Also, you can easily customise the shape and size of the glass to include edges that meet your requirements. 

Tubular metals to complement your backyard and beyond

Made from either steel or aluminium, tubular pool fences are your best bet when it comes to detail and customisation. They offer a range of attractive designs that you can happily show off to your friends and family when they join you for a swim. You can easily customise the details at the top of your metal to achieve spear designs or cast steel rings that offer a Victorian-era detail or a combination of different styles for a personalised finish. 

Laser cut screens for a decorative look and finish

Yes, laser cut decorative screens offer a stylish pool fencing solution that is both safe and fashionably sophisticated. Thanks to advances in technology, you can now choose from countless designs or even request a custom cut that is perfect for your outdoor area. Imagine a pool fencing solution that can be made from almost any design or silhouette derived from a single image. It's the perfect alternative to the flat top pool fencing. You can also choose custom colours, configurations and height for increased privacy without compromising your design. 

Combination of frameless and framed pool fencing for both of best worlds

If you are undecided on the best custom pool fencing solution for your home, why not combine both framed and frameless fencing option? A combination of glass and aluminium or stainless steel can help you achieve a gorgeous fence. A combination of wood and wired fencing is also another solution that will help you achieve a custom design that blends beautifully in a green backyard. 

Consider these different options as you think about what pool fencing would work for your property.