Frameless Glass Balustrades: The New Trend You Should Be Aware Of

Posted on: 26 November 2019

You don't have to be an expert in glass designs to know that the future of glass is frameless. Indeed, everything is moving towards a frameless style, from bathroom shower screens to living room mirrors, and glass balustrades haven't been left behind. Frameless balustrades are the new trend that's taking residential and commercial spaces by storm.

Gone are the days where thick frames would surround glass edges and overwhelm the look of your home. With more glass and less frame, your premises will appear larger, more inviting and more engaging.

Style through simplicity

Who would have thought that entirely removing the frame around a glass balustrade would make it look so appealing? While thick frames may come in innovative designs that match your home's colours, shapes and designs, they also disrupt the continuity of glass.

Having an open, seamless space is the new trend in engineering around the world, and frameless balustrades are a critical part of this trend. In other words, simplicity has become the new preferred style when handling glass products.   

A cost-effective option

Who wouldn't want to elevate the appeal of their home without going over budget? Frameless balustrades are cost-effective options for adding fencing to your balcony, pool deck, upper patio and other similar outdoor spaces. And with no thick frames to worry about, you'll be purchasing fewer materials to install in your home. The frameless panels also come with modular designs that make installation quick and efficient.

You can also obtain frameless balustrades as toughened glass panels. These thick, shatterproof and recyclable panels are a secure option for your premises because they provide additional stability. No more worrying about your kids damaging the balustrades as they play outside.  

Easy maintenance

Imagine how easy it would be to clean a glass panel without worrying about those pesky frames? Frames tend to hide dirt, debris and other particles in small corners around the glass. This not only makes cleaning harder, but it also exposes children and pets to potential infections. Frameless glass has no hidden corners, and you can clean the entire surface much faster.

Make the most of a small space

With steady population growth around the country, homes are getting smaller by the day. Homeowners have to maximise on small outdoor spaces without causing clutter. Luckily, frameless balustrades create an open look and feel to your home, thereby elevating the appearance of a small outdoor space.  

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