Tips for Installing a Double Fence Gate Properly

Posted on: 7 July 2020

A double fence gate could be a great addition to your property, especially if you prefer a uniform fence. Not only are the designs flexible, but installing a double-fence gate is also cost-effective. That said, installing a double-fence gate is not as simple as most people believe. Most importantly, the functionality and durability of a double fence gate are pegged on proper installation. This article highlights tips for the proper installation of a double-fence gate.

Consider Ground Elevation 

The first thing you must consider before you begin digging holes for fence and gate posts is the elevation on your property. You will be doing yourself a great disservice if you ignore this step because a double-fence gate is heavy. Therefore, the weighty gates might bring down your fence if the elevation is too steep. Before installing a double-fence gate on sloping ground, you need to offset the upper and lower hinges. As long as the hinges are not aligned, a gate will swing in the direction of a slope. Proper alignment ensures that a gate does not weigh down a fence at the hinges.

Adequate Ground Clearance 

As indicated earlier, fence gates are heavy and tend to pull to the opposite side of hinges. Therefore, you want a gate to have enough ground clearance so that it does not drag on the ground every time you open it. The best way to ensure this does not happen is to use a shim between a gate and the ground. It provides enough support to keep a gate upright as you install the hinges. However, your efforts to maintain a fence gate off the ground will not amount to much if you do not use strong hinges. Strong hinges can support the weight of a fence gate with relative ease.

Use Screws, Not Nails 

A double-fence gate requires more inputs than your standard single gate fence, especially if you are using wooden posts. Therefore, it is crucial to use individual planks of wood to facilitate repair and maintenance. For instance, if you nail the posts together, you will most likely damage the posts as you remove the nails. Consequently, it will render most of the fence posts useless. Conversely, screws help to preserve the condition of wooden posts, thereby making them reusable. Therefore, you need to use screws when installing a double-fence gate to save on repair costs and protect the environment.

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