Benefits of Using a Tubular Metal Design for Your Pool Fencing

Posted on: 8 December 2021

A pool lets you unwind and savour a holiday in your backyard once the summer heat arrives. But with a backyard pool, you need to fence the area to keep children safe. One type of structure to consider is a tubular metal design. Here are its benefits.

1. Attractive

These metal barriers will give your pool a timeless look. You can choose a simple flat-top design consisting of vertical rails and a horizontal top bar. Or else, opt for an ornate design with scrolls, circles, and spearheads. When picking a fence colour, consider other aspects of the landscape. For example, you could construct a charcoal barrier if the deck is covered with pink travertine tiles. Alternatively, install cream railings. You can create various looks with different colour combinations.

2. Durable

Tubular metal fences typically use aluminium or steel, which are both durable. Aluminium naturally resists rust, and it's usually covered in a powder-coated paint layer that further guards the railings. Steel is protected with a zinc film as well as a powder-coat layer. Tubular fences don't require much upkeep as the fused-on paint is unlikely to chip or flake. Another benefit is that the barrier won't block leaves at the base, as some solid fences do, thus causing extra work to remove the debris build-up.

3. Safe

Tubular metal fences will keep everyone as safe as possible. Pool structures are regulated by building standards, which fencing services will be familiar with, so they'll set up the wall to be compliant. It will need to be at a specific height and not have large gaps that allow children to wriggle through it. Plus, the gate latch needs to be set high on the inner side, where they can't reach it. The rules may vary slightly between regions. You can also check the specifics with your local council.

4. Open Design

One of the blessings of a tubular design is that it allows the breeze to flow through the railings, increasing comfort. They won't block the wind to make the decking unnecessarily hot. You'll be able to lounge even on warm days and be cooled by the breeze. The railing design allows you to see through the fence, so you can watch children swimming from other spots in the garden. Because of the clear visibility, the pool and the entire yard will feel more open. But the fence will help to organise the landscape and create structure.

If you'd like to learn more about tubular metal design, contact local fencing services.