Two Materials To Consider For Your Front Fence Installation

Posted on: 5 January 2023

A home's front fence can play different roles. It can decorate the curbside and make your home more secure and private. One of the first things you need to do if you're undergoing a new fence installation is to pick a material. Here are two possible options, each of which offers variations in the fence structure.


Metal can be fashioned into diverse designs to suit assorted home styles. You could opt for a classic tubular metal fence with railings and carvings. Some styles have a spearhead shape at the tip of each railing, which will deter intruders from climbing over the barrier. You can choose a straightforward configuration or a grand, ornate structure full of scrolls.

Metal slat fencing is another popular option because it can be built high for privacy and security but with gaps that maintain lightness in the design. You can choose from different slats and space widths. If you want a total block, you could instead install a modular fence using panels. These panels are corrugated, giving them a pleasing textured finish, and they can be paired with matching or contrasting posts and caps.

A prime advantage of metal is that it requires little maintenance. Just choose a long-lasting powder-coated finish in either steel or aluminium that will naturally repel rust. Metal is also available in classic timber designs, such as picket structures. However, you won't need to refinish and paint these metal versions every few years, as you often have to with a wood variant.


Even though timber does necessitate regular maintenance, it is a beautiful natural material that melds with the garden landscape. A classic white picket fence has an authenticity that replica substances don't have. A picket fence can be low in height to reveal a lush cottage garden or higher and grander looking, thus adding more privacy to the yard. You can also give these picket fences a different look by painting them a pale blue, beige, or edgy dark charcoal.

Wood is also suitable for post and rail and slat structures. Because wood is so naturally pleasing, you can construct a sturdy, tall fence with horizontal slats that can be painted or stained to boost curb appeal. A timber slat fence provides the privacy benefits of metal slat fencing while also adding an aesthetic touch.

You can choose from treated pine or hardwoods and let their timber patina show to give a home a modern but warm aesthetic. These designs often use steel posts that are cemented into the ground, so they're extremely strong and durable.

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