3 Deliberations When Planning Your Home's Fencing

Posted on: 31 July 2018

Fences not only offer you more privacy within your home, but the right design can add tremendous curb appeal to the space. With different materials, style and colours available in the market, it can be hard to hone in on your fencing choice without some assistance. This guide helps you consider several factors when planning your home's fencing.

1. Think Of The Weather Conditions In Your Local Area To Establish Material

Fencing can be made from wood, aluminium and steel, but you need to consider material carefully based on the weather conditions around your home. For example, if you live in a coastal climate near the sea, then you may want to avoid timber because the salt in the air can cause it to rot easily. Steel along the coast may also corrode faster. Aluminium may be the most durable choice for a coastal home because it is able to withstand salt conditions better than others. You will need to galvanise the fence to give it an added layer of protection. If you live in an area with high winds, you may want to consider heavier steel or wood with steel mesh infill, so wind can pass through without excessively affecting the fence.

2. Establish The Functionality Of The Fence On Your Property

Before you decide to install the fence, consider why you're installing it and what function you expect from it. For example, if you're looking for more privacy, then you may want to increase the height of the fence to keep wandering eyes at bay. If you want to keep the dog in your backyard, then you may need to install longer, vertical fence posts to prevent it from escaping. If you're simply looking for decorative appeal, then you can look at picket or metal fences to meet your goal.

3. Keep In Mind The Finish You Want For The Fence

Your home's fencing can come in a variety of finishes depending on the look you want to achieve. For example, if you're looking for an eye-catching façade, then you can choose a glossy finish in a colour that contrasts with the existing colour scheme of your home. If you're looking to unify the whole look, then a colour that matches your home is most ideal. You can even choose between matte and glossy finishes to give your fence the kind of appearance that resonates best with your taste and the look of your property.

Once you're able to consider these factors, you'll be in a stronger position to narrow down the fencing choice for your home. For more information, contact your local fencing contractor.